7 Best No Bake Desserts ...


Some very strong-willed souls may be able to resist dessert, as may those who lack a sweet tooth. I fail to fall into either category! To me, a meal simply isnโ€™t complete without dessert. The only problem is that in summer I donโ€™t feel like hanging around in a hot kitchen, and eating yoghurts or other bought desserts can get boring. So if you want your sweet tooth easily satisfied, here are some recipes for no bake desserts โ€“ minimal or no cooking, and no hot oven!

1. Lemonade Pie

This must be the easiest no bake dessert ever! The only hardship is waiting four hours while it chills in the freezer. If you can manage to wait that long, youโ€™ll have an easy, delicious dessert.

Guiltless Mango Fool
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