7 Cute Cupcake Decorations ...


Everyone loves a good cupcake. Not only are they fun to eat, but they are also fun to bake and decorate. I’m always on the lookout for cute and quirky decorations. You can really go wild with creativity when decorating cupcakes. Below are just a few decorations to get you started.

1. Wilton Make a Face Animal Icing Decorations

Wilton Make a Face Animal Icing Decorations

Price: $2.29 at amazon.com

Create a cupcake animal army with these cute face decorations. You can mix and match from an assortment of eyes, ears, and noses. Go wild and make your own kooky face arrangements. These would look great against a simple, creamy white icing.

Crate and Barrel Set of 50 Mini Cupcake Papers
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