7 Brands of Chocolate I Adore ...

This may (not) come as a shock, but I am a chocolate fiend. Any other candy I can pretty much take or leave, but I go nuts for chocolate – especially if it has nuts, as far as that goes. If I had my druthers, it would be all Swiss chocolate all the time, but that’s not really practical. Fortunately, there are plenty of more commercial, readily available brands of chocolate I adore, and I thought I’d make a list of them.

1. Hershey’s

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Hershey’s is pretty iconic, especially in the United States. I mean, for the moment there’s even a theme park devoted to it. Whether it’s Kisses or Hershey bars, the chocolate’s always decisions. However, although it is a brand of chocolate I adore, I have to be honest and say it’s not my top favorite.

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