7 Steps to a Delicious Iced Coffee ...


Coffee is amazing. Full stop. However, sometimes, the weather is just not conducive to a steaming hot beverage. At times like this, what you want is something with all the delicious flavour of a beautiful strong Italian roast, but none of its ‘warm you from the inside out’ heat. In answer to this desire, and to the urge to keep up with the caffeine fix even when it’s hot, I’ve put together a list of 7 steps to a delicious iced coffee. Try it at home; you can’t help but love it!

1. Crush Your Ice

Getting the ice right is the first step to a delicious iced coffee. I’m not a fan of the watery coffee-with-ice-blocks variation on this drink, and I prefer mine to have a thicker, almost milkshake-like consistency. To achieve this, you’ll need to own a good blender, and to make sure that before your ice goes into it, you’ve gone a long way towards crushing it by hand. Use an ice crusher, or wrap the cubes in a tea town and bash them (on a hard, durable surface) with a blunt object, like the pestle from your pestle and mortar.

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