8 Simple Steps to Clean a Microwave ...

For most of us, even the thought of cleaning a microwave is enough to create shudders. Even before we start, we are weighed down by the amount of effort it is likely to take. However, cleaning a microwave does not have to be as difficult as it sounds. Here are simple steps to clean a microwave.

1. Unplug the Electrical Cord of the Microwave

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This is one of the most important of all steps to clean a microwave. Cleaning a microwave with the electrical cord plugged in can be highly dangerous. Also, unplugging the electrical cord allow you to examine it for damage as well as gives you an opportunity to clean it properly.

2. Remove the Microwave Turntable

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Depending on the model of the microwave you have, you will either have a glass turntable, a plate or a tray. Remove it and give it a thorough wash in the sink with soapy water.

3. Remove the Turning Element

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There is a removable component under the turntable. Removing this will give you access to the inner floor of the microwave for proper cleaning. Remove and clean this component.

4. Clean the Inner Top of the Microwave

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The inner top of the microwave is likely to be very dirty. A non abrasive sponge is the best thing to use to clean a microwave. Start with the inner top so that the dirt and food remains that fall of the top do not fall on already cleaned areas.

5. Rinse the Sponge Often

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The best way to clean a microwave thoroughly is by ensuring that you rinse the sponge often. This will ensure that all the dirt and food remains get washed away and the sponge is once again clean before you start to use it to clean the next batch of dirt. Use warm water and liquid dish soap to clean the sponge.

6. Clean Inner Front, Sides and Bottom

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The next thing to do to clean a microwave is to clean the front, sides and bottom. Leave the bottom for the last. Begin with the back corner and keep sponging to the front along the sides. When cleaning the bottom, ensure that all sticky spots from spills and overflows are removed.

7. Cleaning the Edge of the Microwave

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There are many inner edges in a microwave and a sponge will not be able to clean them all. Wrap a soft cloth or paper towel around a fork. Ensure that the tines are not exposed. Rub the fork along the edges of the microwave to remove any remaining dirt.

8. Clean the Exterior of the Microwave

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Finally, wipe down the outside of the microwave. Use dry cleaning material and avoid water completely.

As you can see from the simple steps to clean a microwave, it is not a difficult task when you approach it in a step by step fashion. It should not take you more than half an hour to have a squeaky clean microwave.

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