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Yummy Candies are fun to talk about, but even more fun to eat! I love candy! At my wedding, I had a huge table full of nothing but candy. I had every kind of yummy candies you could imagine on the candy bar, and it was all everyone raved about for weeks after! These are just a few of the yummy candies I had on there. I could hardly pick my favorites! I tried not to put too many chocolate candies on my list, because obviously everybody knows chocolates are some of the yummiest sweets! I hope you enjoy my list of yummy candies.

1. Gummy Bears

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Gummy bears are not just for kids! No, these yummy candies can be enjoyed by people no matter their age! I love gummy bears, gummy worms, Lifesaver gummies, ANYTHING gummy! Oh dear, now I think I might be craving some. What have I done?

2. Twizzlers

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Twizzlers are my husband's absolute favorite candy, and I will admit they are pretty hight on my list too! We like to eat a whole pack as a little snack sometimes. Twizzlers are an awesome, mess free candy. You have the tastiness without a sticky mess on your fingers. And kids love em' too!

3. Lemon Drops

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I remember getting lemon drops in school! They are actually hard to find anymore these days, but lemon drops are still on my list of yummy candies. I haven't had one in forever! Now I really want one though. There's something about a sweet and sour combo that's just irresistible!

4. Gum Balls

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Gum balls may not be a candy per se, but I still wanted them on my list of delicious candies because they are super fun to chew! Huge colorful gum balls that have a different flavor for every color-now who wouldn't love that? As kids, we used to have contests to see who could chew the most at one time! I think the thing that made it most fun was laughing at the huge wad of black gum that we would spit out in the end!

5. Twix

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This list wouldn't be complete without at least ONE chocolate candy on it! Chocolates are the best yummy candies of all time! Chocolate is the universal make-it-all-better treat. I love Twix even though I'm not a big caramel fan. Have you seen the little bite sized Twix? They are so cute!

6. Skittles

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Skittles are one of the most scrumptious candies that are as fun as they are tasty. So many different colors all in one tiny package! And you can chew them forever, or so it would seem that way! I like to suck on them sometimes for variations.

7. Jolly Ranchers

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Jolly ranchers have always been my absolute favorite hard candy. My grandmother used to carry them in her purse and let us eat them during church or long shopping trips. I still carry some of these yummy candies in my purse to this day! I love the cherry and raspberry ones! Too bad they come in separate packages.

I only have 7 yummy candies on my list, but there are so many more! These are just a few of my faves. Do you love these yummy candies? If not, which are YOUR favorite yummy candies? Please comment below and let me know!

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