7 Ways Add More Flavor to Your Favorite Dishes ...


How to add more flavor to bland dishes, healthy foods or low-fat snacks without significantly increasing their nutritional value or having to shop for dozens of special items that are not cheap nor easy to find? Well, it’s all about getting creative with the things you have, using herbs and spices in ways you haven’t thought about before! And here are a few suggestions to help you start and inspire you to find your own tricks for seasoning dishes:

1. Go for Lemon Juice

Full of vitamins and incredibly refreshing, lemon juice is a healthy no-fat ingredient you can use to add flavor to your fish and white meats (such as chicken or turkey breasts) as well as salads, steamed or boiled veggies and even barbecue! I often use it with chopped cilantro for seasoning dishes and salads and, believe me, that’s something you definitely have to try in case you’re wondering how to add more flavor to your foods! And here’s one useful fact – lemon juice won’t only make your food taste better but tickle your palate in a way that will make you forget about adding salt, too!

Try “Fancy” Vinegars
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