9 Unbelievable Uses for Baking Supplies ...


Baking Supplies has tons of different uses that you might not think about. Have you ever wished there was a way you could hold a candle up straight in a cupcake? What about a neat trick to decorate a cake with? Well ladies, I've thought up 9 unbelievable uses for baking supplies that you might be asking yourself what you can do with. If you use baking supplies, you might be surprised what you can do in the kitchen with them!

1. Marshmallow Candle Holder

Do you have some mini marshmallows that are just sitting in your cabinet? I know that I do – left over from when I made rice krispy treats a few days ago. So what can you use mini marshmallows for? Well, if you are planning a birthday party, these little things make fantastic candle holders so that you never have to worry about the candle falling over and burning anything!

Chopstick Flour Leveler
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