8 Tips for Once a Month Cooking ...


For some the idea of cooking for the entire month feels very overwhelming, but with the right once a month cooking tips the task is much easier to handle. I like to cook for the month because it helps my family’s busy schedule. I’m not as tempted to pick up fast food on my way home from work or on the way to dance, because I know I have a quick, easy, and healthy meal ready to be served at home. If you have ever considered cooking for the month you are not going to want to miss these once a month cooking tips.

1. Plan Ahead

The first step to once a month cooking is to plan ahead. I start my planning by seeing what I already have available at home. Sometimes I have most everything to make at least one or two meals with. Next I look over the sale ads. I try to plan my menu around cuts of meats that are on sale. Once I know what is available I scan Pinterest and a few favorite recipe sites for good ideas.

Slow Cooking
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