9 Quick & Easy Low Calorie Holiday Treats ...


Low Calorie Holiday Treats are so fun to make! The holidays are right around the corner and if you’re looking for a way to keep trim – but still have the sweets, I got you! I – personally (or the Better Half ‘cause I actually suck at cooking … or boiling water in general) has actually cooked these and I gotta say, they are friggin’ awesome! So ladies, below, I’ve got low calorie holiday treats that will make your mouth water and your hips breathe a sigh of relief. So let’s kick this list of the top 9 low calorie holiday treats!

1. Low Fat Bread Pudding

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I love bread pudding. No, guys, I'm serious, I friggin' love bread pudding. While you don't often think of bread pudding as one of the low calorie holiday treats, this one is definitely low-fat and low-cal! It's also – really delicious!

Skinny Chocolate Cookies
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