8 Extraordinarily Yummy Vegan Cakes ...

Vegan Cakes are just as delicious as regular cakes. They're not just for vegans – if you know someone who is allergic to eggs, or if you want to cut down on dairy food, then try baking a vegan cake. Also, many recipes use vegetable oil, so if you've run out of other ingredients, can't get to the shops, and desperately want to bake a cake, then check out recipes for vegan cakes and see what you can find …

1. Black Forest Cherry Cake at vegansociety.com

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If you're as fond of Black Forest Gateau as I am, here's a tasty vegan alternative. It would be equally delicious filled with other fruits, such as mandarin or apricots (yes, it wouldn't be a Black Forest cake, but cooking is all about experimenting!). This vegan cake would be perfect to serve as dessert at a special meal.

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