7 Delicious Desserts under 200 Calories ...


Delicious Desserts under 200 Calories may seem like a dream you can't quite attain, but they're out there, I promise you. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, saying no to desserts while you are dieting can be a real test of willpower. Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can satisfy your craving for something sweet after dinner without jeopardizing your healthy eating regime or piling on the pounds. In fact, there are plenty of absolutely delicious desserts under 200 calories, you simply have to think outside the box. Forget stodgy, unforgiving on your waistline puddings and try a light and delicious treat from this list of 7 delicious desserts under 200 calories.

1. Sorbet

Sorbet is most definitely an utterly delicious dessert under 200 calories, and a real summer treat. Scrumptious as a palate cleanser and perfect for hot weather, this cool, refreshing dessert is a great low calorie alternative to ice cream. Sorbet is made almost entirely of water and fruit puree- unsurprising, then, that it is virtually fat free and contains only around 180 calories per serving. Keep a few tubs in the freezer to ward off nighttime sugar cravings.

Rice Pudding
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