9 Neat Looking Cupcake Tins ...

As I think I've mentioned before, I love cupcakes! I also love baking, and I am always looking for inventive things to do. The kitchen is my favorite place to experiment – probably because I always pulled Cs in organic and inorganic chemistry, so working with chemicals is a bad idea. Flour and baking soda and chocolate powder and vanilla bean, though – that I can handle! But new recipes are only half the fun – I love making pretty cupcakes, too! And here are 9 neat looking cupcake tins that let me do that!

1. Flower Basket Tin

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Price: $12.99 at amazon.com
First up, we have this flower basket tin by Roshco. What's neat about this is that the mold really is an entire bouquet. The two halves of the basket are down there at the bottom of the silicon tin. You put those together, and then you can arrange all the blossoms above it, so it looks like you have an actual flower basket!

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