8 Healthy Cooking Habits to Follow ...


Often, we get so caught up in what foods weโ€™re eating, we forget that the first step to a healthy diet lies in preparation. Itโ€™s no use living on fresh veggies, for example, if youโ€™re going to fry them in an inch of butter. Iโ€™ve done some research and put together a list of 8 healthy cooking habits to follow that will help you to keep your body in great condition.

1. Cut Back on Salt

This is a pretty obvious one. By now, we all know that too much salt is bad for us. In fact, dieticians recommend we cut recipe quantities in half. Iโ€™m not sure Iโ€™d want to be quite this extreme though โ€“ unseasoned meat and fish sound pretty dull to me.

Avoid Aluminium
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