7 Lovely Sets of Dishes ...

Since I love to cook, it only stands to reason that I’m a huge fan of dinnerware. If I could afford it, I’d probably have a different set for every possible occasion. Actually, I’m half tempted to do it anyway, after finding some really lovely sets of dishes. I’m pretty happy with the set I have now, and think they make for a gorgeous table, but when you see these sets, maybe you’ll see why I’m so tempted, too.

1. Samoa Dinnerware

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Price: $89.95 at crateandbarrel.com
I love the look of these dishes. They are strongly Asian inspired, and there is something so earthy yet elegant about them. The shapes are as unique as the subtle patterns, and all the pieces have a satin finish. I’ve just never seen anything quite like these dishes before. The shades of green are particularly appealing to me. In addition to being a lovely set of dishes, this would make a wonderful table.

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