7 Indications That Your Food Has Gone Bad ...


Smell that makes your insides flip? Green and white fuzzy spots? Expiration date? Well, these are some pretty obvious signs you’d be crazy not to notice. However, there are more subtle ways to tell if your food has gone bad or is in the process of going bad. So, here are some tricks to help you determine whether you can still use it or the only smart thing to do with it would be to trash it.

1. Bad Mushrooms Are Dark and Slimy

Some mushrooms even start smelling bad and some don’t but get all slimy but shriveled instead. One thing is for sure, if they start spreading strange odors and get so dark you have to look at them twice to be completely sure they are indeed mushrooms, you definitely can’t use them! Fresh mushrooms are not icky to touch, they have that soft, earthy smell you can’t pick up unless you really stick your nose in them and, depending on the kind, their color can go anywhere from totally white to gray. So, make sure you remember the way their looked when you bought them and use them while they still look good.

Bad Eggs Float, Good Ones Don’t
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