7 Cupcake Cookbooks ...

Cupcakes could be described as one of the most popular treats around. They can be served for a range of occasions, from kidโ€™s parties to weddings. The flavour combinations and decorative ideas are also endless! Master the art of the cupcake by taking a look at a few of the cupcake cookbooks below.

1. 500 Cupcakes: the Only Cupcake Compendium Youโ€™ll Ever Need by Fergal Connolly

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500 cupcake recipes? I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s possible to get through 500 recipes, but if you do then be sure to let me know about it! This book covers cupcake basics such as equipment, ingredients, mixing, and baking. Some of the recipes in this cookbook, however, are muffin recipes, which I consider to be different to cupcakes. Despite all of this, itโ€™s still one heck of a cupcake resource!

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