10 Quick & Easy Homemade Dinners ...


If you have a busy lifestyle like mine then you're probably rushing around every day trying to figure out the perfect dinner without having to order out or indulge in fast food. Here are 10 Quick & Easy Homemade dinners that are sure to please you and your children or friends. The thing I love the most about these recipes is they're really extremely delicious yet extremely easy to prepare. Sure you're implementing pieces here and there which are not homemade but the end product is what counts.

1. Beef Stroganoff

One of my favorite quick and easy homemade dinners is Beef Stroganoff. There are many variations to this recipe however I find my version to be the most simple and the tastiest. Slice up 1 1/2 lbs of top sirloin beef into thin long strips. Using a large skillet brown the strips in 2 tbsp of butter. If you would like you can add a handful of chopped onion and a can of mushrooms to the meat while you're frying it. I myself don't like mushrooms or onion so I leave them out. Once the strips are browned add two large cans of cream of mushroom soup and 1 1/2 cups of sour cream. Mix well in the pan until you notice the soup and sour cream are blended well and heated thoroughly. Serve this over your favorite brand of egg noodles.

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