7 Delicious Croissant Recipes to Try ...

Croissant recipes were never my favorite ones, mostly because croissants are one of the hardest things to make from scratch and I’m not the most experienced cook on this world. I can cook and my pastries are not half bad but croissants… well… they are famous for a reason and the best ones need a lot of loving to look and taste perfectly. But, guess what? There are easier ways to prepare perfect croissants so even the ones with very little free time on their hands can enjoy this tasty treats. Don’t believe me? Well check out these fun, super-easy Croissant Recipes:

1. Easy Ham Croissants

-Frozen crunchy dough
- Thin ham slices
- Butter
This is one of my favorite croissant recipes and I’m really not ashamed to admit that I like to use store-bought frozen dough. So, if you like croissants but have no time to pet them and “become one with them” here’s what you have to do – just buy a block of that flaky crunchy dough, unfreeze it, take your rolling pin and make it extra thin. You should get a nice, thin sheet of dough which you’ll then cut two times to get three pieces. Place thin leaves of butter on each piece stack pieces on top of each other, thin them down just a little bit more using the rolling pin and then cut small squares. Place a piece of ham onto each square and roll. Voila! Bake your croissants and enjoy!