Cooking Tips: 7 Super Solutions for the Hopeless Cook ...


Cooking Tips usually focus on how to improve your performance in the kitchen. But what do you do if you´re simply a disaster in the kitchen and have been banned by your family from ever again attempting to cook? Do you give it up as a hopeless cause, or is there a glimmer of hope for even the most hapless would-be cook? If you´re a culinary disaster waiting to happen, try these cooking tips to help you turn into a competent chef …

1. Experiment

First of all, you should be prepared to experiment.

And we all know that experiments can fail.

That´s the whole point.

If you want to lose your reputation as a hopeless cook, you need to be prepared to make a mess of things sometimes.

That´s how you learn what works and what doesn´t.

2. Class

Take a really basic class where you can start from scratch and pick up lots of simple but effective cooking tips.

There´s no need to worry that you will make mistakes and look like an idiot if you pick a class aimed at complete beginners.

Everyone will be in the same position as you, so sign up, roll up your sleeves and get cooking!

3. Observe

Do you have a roommate or partner who´s at least a competent cook?

Ask if you can watch how they do things when they cook.

You can pick up a lot of cooking tips just by watching how they go about putting a meal together, for example how long certain ingredients need to be cooked and in which order.

4. Practise

Yes, sadly you can´t become a decent cook by magic overnight, it takes a lot of practice.2

That means going in the kitchen, with all its terrifying paraphernalia, and playing with ingredients.

Look at it as like performing in a play – it takes lots of rehearsals before you start to get it right.

Cooking is no different;

nobody is born knowing how to cook.

It´s something that you have to learn, and that takes practice.2

Watch and Learn
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