7 Best Destinations for Chocolate Lovers ...


If you are looking for somewhere exciting where your love for chocolate can be incorporated into the trip, then you might enjoy the following list.

I’ve researched the 7 best destinations for chocolate lovers and included a link to the homepage of each.2

I think each one sounds interesting for either an individual tour or to take the family on a Chocolate Vacation!

7. the Food Museum in Vevey, Switzerland

the Food Museum in Vevey, Switzerland

This museum includes exhibits on eating, cooking, purchasing, and even digesting food.

Fans of chocolate will enjoy the Nestl?

Room most of all.

Henri Nestl?

is a household name for many people who enjoy a variety of products manufactured by Nestl?, including chocolate.

A collection of information, dating back to 1867, is contained in a single room.2

It’s fascinating to see where and how Henri Nestl?

got his start.

6. Rogers’ Chocolates in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Rogers’ Chocolates in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Charles Rogers, aka ‘Candy’, started making chocolates in 1885.

He owned a grocery store and would make the sweet confection in the back of his store.

Once things got rolling, Rogers opened up the chocolate store seen today on Government Street.

He’s been in this same location since 1891, but he also services around 50 different countries via his wholesale outlets and owns 7 retail stores as well.

This company offers chocolate bars, candies, dessert sauces, boxed chocolates, sugar-free varieties, and fruits and nuts covered in their delightful chocolate mixtures.

5. the Grenada Chocolate Company on Grenada

the Grenada Chocolate Company on Grenada

Established in 1999, the Grenada Chocolate Company wanted to offer a way to utilize the organic cocoa grown by local farmers.

They devised a cooperative among chocolate-makers and have been in business ever since.

There are three partners in the business, with two of them living and working on the island of Grenada.

The factory is located in the rainforest where Trinitario cocoa is the prominent type grown.

The company ferments the cocoa and extracts its own cocoa butter, which has a Silver Award attached to it, directly from The Academy of Chocolate.

the Chocolate Museum in Cologne, Germany
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