7 Ace Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet ...


A vegetarian diet is worth following for so many reasons.

It takes some commitment, of course, but a vegetarian diet is healthier, cheaper and, above all, better for animal welfare.

It?s not difficult to eat a varied and interesting diet without meat, so if you?ve ever thought about turning vegetarian, here are some of the excellent benefits of a vegetarian diet …

1. Ethical

Perhaps the greatest benefit of a vegetarian diet is its ethical stance.

Many vegetarians give up meat because they are disturbed by the cruelty of the meat industry.

Everyone is free to make their choice as to what they eat, but turning vegetarian means that you are reducing the slaughter and suffering of animals.

Logically, if you become vegetarian for ethical reasons, you should give up all animal products, but giving up meat is still a positive step.

2. Environmental

The environmental impact of the meat industry is considerable.

We?ve all heard how land used to grow animal feed can actually feed far more people if used to raise crops for human consumption.

Vast areas of rainforests are cleared to graze cattle or grow feed for them, then there?s the emission of greenhouse gases, pollution of water supplies …

3. Healthy

Many studies have shown that following a vegetarian diet is healthier, and can reduce your risk of heart disease and cancer.

Of course, cutting out meat doesn?t automatically mean eating well;

it?s just as easy for a vegetarian to eat high-fat foods and too much sugar.

However, much of the meat on the market is not of high quality, and the conditions the animals are kept in makes them prone to illnesses, for which they are given antibiotics.

This has an impact on human health, as we become resistant to antibiotics.

4. Cheaper

Food prices seem to be rising almost every week these days.

Good-quality meat is expensive, and even cheap meat costs more than most sources of vegetarian protein.

Cutting out meat can cut your food bills noticeably – for the price of enough meat for one meal, you can buy enough dried beans to make several meals.

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